Our Company

A mobile learning experience solution for geographically dispersed workforces, Disprz equips organizations with four key transformative solutions to drive their business productivity: Onboarding, Employee Engagement, Continuous Learning, and Online Learning Academy.

Our Mission

To make knowledge part of everyday work so that you learn while you work, and work while you learn.

Why do we exist?

Disprz is a product of its time. It has come out as a natural solution to a lot of burning questions surrounding workplaces in general and learning & development in particular. We believe employees are the biggest assets in any organization and keeping them upskilled and job-ready all the time is the key to driving your business growth.

As a professional enablement and readiness platform, we help organizations drive business results through gamified, AI-powered interfaces where knowledge is directly linked with impact analytics.

Since inception, reputed organizations all across US, India, Middle East and South East Asia have been using Disprz’s platform to help their workforce achieve higher productivity on daily basis. We hope to create a similar success story with you by becoming your Learning & Development partner at each step of the business journey.

Our Team

We are a well-knit team of thinkers, builders and sellers.


Founder, CEO

Kuljit Chadha

Co-Founder, COO

Vasanth Srivatsan

VP, Products

Prasanna V

VP, Engineering

Shankar Kumar

Data Scientist

Srinaagu Edla

Director, Sales

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