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Employee Onboarding: The missing link in your business strategy

Make Onboarding process experiential: Understand, accept and integrate the multi-sidedness! The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face,

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Microlearning: The Bite-Sized Elephant

Is Microlearning the new fad? Renowned economist Robert Prechter once argued that in the course of a major bull market

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Ushering in the era of Continuous Learning

There has been a lot of research and start-up activity on transforming classroom pedagogy in schools and universities. One key

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Our new Brand identity: Learntron is henceforth Disprz

We are happy to announce that starting August, Learntron will go with a new brand identity – Disprz. Our products

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Evolution of Learning Management Systems

Scientia potentia est! ‘Knowledge is Power’ is a popular adage attributed to Francis Bacon. But that man pioneered inductive learning,

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